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Kink Life Forum

Kink Life Forum. A community for knowledge and networking. Articles and chat on S/M practices including predicament bondage and Femdom.

Midas writes:
We were not totally virgin on this kind of play as I have in the past used small suction cups on her clit and her nipples. You know, the twist and suck kind, available in just about any sex shop or site.
A suction action report

Janus writes:
Everybody into kink and S/M knows of the countless professional dominatrices who offer their services in most parts of the world. The quality of services and the prices charged range from extremely high to dirt cheap.
However, there is another kind of professional sex worker whose existence is not known to too many people: the professional submissive or pro – sub. They are relatively rare, the prices charged are usually extremely high and, by necessity, they need to be persons of courage to do this.
Professional Female Submissives

The day arrived, she woke feeling rested, horny, complete. Turning her pillor to the cold side and luxuriating in the feel of crisp Egyptian cotton against her body, she turned onto her side and closed her eyes for a little longer, but the: beep beep, beep beep, beep beep of a text message disturbed her
She opened it, it was from HIM, It read simply ‘how are you feeling?’
She replied ‘Wet and slutty, nervous, excited, fucking terrified!’
A brief encounter

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Jun 16, 2014
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