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Welcome to Kink Life

BDSM and Fetish International Forum. A community for knowledge and networking. Articles and chat on S/M practices including predicament bondage and Femdom

Welcome to Kink Life!


This is the first female-owned BDSM forum in the world. We are lifestylers, a Domme and a sub, the best of friends, living in Thessaloniki Greece, which serves as our base for our erotic adventures all over Europe.


Our goal is not only to provide a platform for communication and networking for BDSMers around the globe, but also to compile a collection of well-informed, up-to-date articles, essays and discussions on BDSM issues, for the benefit of all people interested in this erotic lifestyle.


We would like to promote an increased awareness of the risks of the lifestyle and the need to adhere to the moral rules required by BDSM, urging all members of the community to keep it safe, sane and consensual. We believe BDSM to be an erotic lifestyle to be practiced by responsible, emotionally sensitive people with deep respect for human dignity and others’ needs. Our lifestyle is geared towards a deeper knowledge of ourselves, a more authentic and liberated eroticism, strong emotional bonds, and a greater enjoyment of life itself. 


Please take a few minutes to read these simple rules of membership to our community. 


We hope you enjoy your stay with us!


   dora_salonica                Ippoliti        


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