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Hi! I am dora salonica and I am a submissive woman. I have been living as a sub for the last decade or so.

I have lived in New York, where I went to College, I received a Master of Philosophy degree from a British University and I am a published author of literature in my home country. I have also published a BDSM novel, "Ascendancy", available from Amazon kindle.

I have three wonderful children, who are all grown up now, and I also have a fabulous dog and three very naughty cats!

Recently I moved to England, in order to do another Master's degree. I am working at the moment and exploring British BDSM. So far I am extremely happy with my experiences in England!

My goal is to continue to improve myself, to be creative and above all to always be kind to people.

I welcome you all to our forum! Make yourselves at home and enjoy!


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