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BDSM International Forum

BDSM and Fetish International Forum. A community for knowledge and networking. Articles and chat on S/M practices including predicament bondage and Femdom.

Ippoliti writes:
I found some vintage photos with spanking and I thought to create a thread for spanking. Tell us your experiences! I love to do it, I don't like so much to receive it. I prefer to spank men! What do you feel when you do it? What do you feel when you receive it?
Come on, let's spank!!!!
This is a spanking place!

Walter writes:
What dark sexual fantasies do people have here if you tell I will tell you some of mine.
We all have them from time to time
Dark sexual fantasies

Janus writes:
This thread is meant as an anthology of Femdom as portrayed in graphic art (drawings, sketches, computer drawings, 3D renderings etc.). Since photography is not included, everything is limited just by the imagination and the degree to which an artist – or the spectator - can overcome taboos. There are no limitations here associated with real life such as body flexibility and pain tolerance. Everything is prey to the artist’s imagination.
The field is immense and so the purpose of this thread is just to give our members a glimpse at the work of each artist and a tiny bit of information (if it can be found). In order to make this into a real encyclopedic thread, our members are encouraged to add any information they want on additional artists, more work of the artists already shown and comments on the style, type and artistic qualities of drawings.
FEMDOM Graphic Artists and their Work
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Jun 16, 2014
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