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Kink Life Forum

Kink Life Forum. A community for knowledge and networking. Articles and chat on S/M practices including predicament bondage and Femdom.

dora_salonica writes:
My journey began in 2007…..
My hard limit back then was to be urinated on. I remember that I had to beg for it. I did it, it happened and I moved on…
In reality, my BDSM life had started much earlier. It is just that back then I did not know that this was called BDSM. I called it "my problem"….
I never had an exceptionally good body. Nevertheless, that never stopped me from loving or being loved, never stopped me from always being able to find a BDSM partner, even today that I am growing older. So girls, don't fret about it (boys too...) You can do anything you want. So long as you search the right way with sound criteria. Beauty never helped anyone, not by itself anyway. But kindness...
A sub's journey (a photo story)

Kittenheels_1968 writes:
The day arrived, she woke feeling rested, horny, complete. Turning her pillor to the cold side and luxuriating in the feel of crisp Egyptian cotton against her body, she turned onto her side and closed her eyes for a little longer, but the: beep beep, beep beep, beep beep of a text message disturbed her.
She opened it, it was from HIM, It read simply ‘how are you feeling?’
She replied ‘Wet and slutty, nervous, excited, fucking terrified!’
How insane must a girl be, to arrange something like this, with a total stranger, never even having spoken to him, well, except to hear him call her a slut and a filthy whore, while she masturbated for him with her mobile phone switched to ‘hands-free’
A brief encounter

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Jun 16, 2014
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